Thursday, June 11, 2009

Baseball Report: Last Game

One last game this evening to wrap up a long season. I'm very proud of the boys; they played hard in freezing cold and burning heat, had flashes of brilliance, hung in there when things got tough, and continually showed improvement in every area. Those who know, including the high school coaches, had good things to say about them.
Behold the seasoned veterans.
The game was with the other team from our town, friends and classmates, and the purpose was simply to have fun and celebrate a good season. So afterward it was pizza and pop for everyone. Very nice; the best of small town life.
Blue or red, Cubs or Angels, what does it matter? Just keep your hands off my pizza.
I'm proud of Lidia, too. She made it to many of the games, even though on the surface she has her issues with her little brothers, and they with her. But I know that deep down--deep, deep down--they love each other. Way to go, Lid.
And I'm proud of Kim, who makes so much of this possible. She's no Soccer Mom; she's much more: a Baseball/Football/Basketball Mom. Thanks, Kim.
So raise your trophys high, boys. You did great. All right, break the pose. Have a fun summer. Football will be here before you know it.
In case you don't know, they can hardly wait.

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