Thursday, October 31, 2013

Trout Lake Report: Seasons Come and Seasons Go...

It's the last day. The faithful float tube is waiting.

You've tied up your version of a Halloween muddler just for today.

On the way in another prescribed burn is underway. It will perfume your evening.

You park under the great Ponderosa one more time and kick out into the north end.

You start across. Fish are rising under the smoke.

There's a rise behind you and you drop the new fly near it. The fish takes before you can begin a strip. It's a rainbow in perfect condition. It churns the water, then trembles cold and firm in your hand as you release it.

You move along the familiar shoreline past the inlet still feeding the lake with icy water.

You cast into a shallow curve of shadow under overhanging willow canes, and there's a firm take. The fish jumps, and you think rainbow.

But it's the last brown of the season. You think it might be the most beautiful one of all.

You move on over the reflection of the Autumn sky.

There's a rise ahead of you, and you cast to it. You leave the fly suspended there, and the fish pulls it under. It will be the last rainbow--and the last fish--of the season.

You take your time--you want to stretch it out. But you begin to make your way back to the truck.

On the way you miss two splashy takes. Or maybe the fish miss.

It seems right, though, to end the season with unfinished business; to be reminded that seasons come and seasons go, but fishing goes on forever.

So long, lake. Thanks for everything.


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

From TU: Save Bristol Bay

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Dear Bristol Bay Supporter,
The fight to protect Bristol Bay is far from over. With your help, we've built significant momentum to stop the massive Pebble mine, and we now have a unique opportunity to stop Pebble and protect Bristol Bay's world-class fishing. But we need your help to win.
Donate today to stop the Pebble mine. Now through the end of the year, your contribution will be doubled and go directly toward protecting Bristol Bay, Alaska.
In a stunning announcement last month, international mining giant Anglo American said it was abandoning its claim to the Pebble deposit in order to pursue projects with less risk and more value. However, Northern Dynasty, the remaining partner in the Pebble Partnership, has indicated it still fully intends to pursue the Pebble project.
We must take advantage of the momentum we've gained, pushing harder than ever to safeguard Bristol Bay.
We won't be able to do this without your support. And right now, your donation will be doubled through a matching gift from an anonymous supporter. This enables us to do more good work for Bristol Bay's fish and people.
Your donation will help protect one of America's best places to fish. You will help sustain the things that make Alaska so great for future generations to enjoy: clean water, local renewable resource based jobs, and epic fishing.

Tim Bristol
Trout Unlimited's Alaska Program Manager

Help us spread the word about this special opportunity to help protect Bristol Bay. Join theSportsmen's Conservation Challenge and participate in one of the most pressing conservation issues of our time. Spread the news to your friends and business contacts. We've made it easy with sample e-newsletter language, images, and other inspirational tools to help us stop Pebble mine.
*All donations given, until the $200,000 limit is met, will be doubled by a matching gift from a generous donor.
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Trout Lake Report: Thanks for Amazing Days

You go back to the lake, but the wind doesn't. It's a glorious Fall day.

You kick out into the channel for one more time. Your plan is simple and familiar: work the shoreline with muddler variations. You cover almost the entire shoreline of the south lake, and you find fish on every stretch. Especially browns. Browns of every size and color. You're amazed. Again and again.

When you finally get back to the truck you think maybe you should call it a season. Quit while you're ahead. You were going to go back to the lake one more time. But there's no way you could top this.

But that's alright. No need to top it. You'll tie up one more black and orange muddler and go back on Halloween, the last day, kick out on the north lake again, and see the season out. It's where you belong.

You'll go to fish one more time. But mostly you'll go to say thanks for amazing days like this one.