Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Trout Lake Report: Thanks for Amazing Days

You go back to the lake, but the wind doesn't. It's a glorious Fall day.

You kick out into the channel for one more time. Your plan is simple and familiar: work the shoreline with muddler variations. You cover almost the entire shoreline of the south lake, and you find fish on every stretch. Especially browns. Browns of every size and color. You're amazed. Again and again.

When you finally get back to the truck you think maybe you should call it a season. Quit while you're ahead. You were going to go back to the lake one more time. But there's no way you could top this.

But that's alright. No need to top it. You'll tie up one more black and orange muddler and go back on Halloween, the last day, kick out on the north lake again, and see the season out. It's where you belong.

You'll go to fish one more time. But mostly you'll go to say thanks for amazing days like this one.

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