Tuesday, January 5, 2010

If You Can't Beat It...

When it comes to winter, the fact is you can't beat it, so you might as well join it. That's something kids and dogs know instinctively, and that some of us oldtimers need to be reminded of.
A couple of weeks ago Jeremiah and his friend discovered an ice patch out in the pasture. They immediately dug out the skates and spent hours out in the cold wind going around and around in circles--and taking a few spectacular falls. But the joy seemed to numb the pain.
The dogs, true to their Malamute heritage, love the snow and are oblivious to the cold.
Then this past weekend we went up to some friends' house for some sledding and to break in Isaiah's new snowboard. It's actually used, and Jeremiah has one too, though he's still waiting for a shipment of boots and bindings, so Isaiah shared his with him.
They're Christmas presents. In the good old days we'd go out and get them things we thought they'd like, they'd open them on Christmas morning and be thrilled. With the snowboards, they spent hours online choosing the perfect board--and boots, and bindings, and goggles, and snow pants, placing the order, then waiting impatiently for them to arrive.
And then, of course, on Christmas morning they were disappointed that they didn't have more presents to open.
But I'm tremendously glad that they have them, and that they will always have memories of snowy mountains and wind in their faces.
The hill was in the emus' pasture. Jeremiah and Andrew ventured near but bolted when it looked like the male was getting territorial. Good plan.
Later we walked out onto the lake and had a snowball fight.
Here it is in this image: a great big, beautiful winter world and two kids walking out into the middle of it...joining it.

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