Friday, January 14, 2011

January Thaw

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A long time ago when I lived among the corn fields of Iowa the farmers swore by the January thaw. Then, and in the years since, wherever I have lived, it has seemed to come without fail around mid-month.
It's here now. Yesterday and last night the temperature held steady just above freezing, and this afternoon it climbed to 48 degrees. The forecast calls for more of the same over the weekend and into Monday.

Along with the high temperatures today came blue skies and sunshine, a pure gift; we were supposed to have rain.

So the melt is on--for now--and the sound of dripping eaves fills the air.

Must be time to fish. More rain and overcast is supposed to be on the way. Any spike in the river flows should hold off for a day or two. The ice, I hope, will recede, maybe even break up. Things are coming together.
I'm on it.

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