Saturday, July 28, 2012

Trout Lake Report: The Den

You're still feeling relaxed. The south end is deserted, so you pull in. You love this section. It's cozy and comfortable. If the lake were your house, this would be the den.

You tied up a couple of new muddlers for this trip. You're eager to try them out.

You work a few different stretches of shoreline with the darker one, but you don't find any fish. You tie on the damsel--you're feeling really good about the damsel now--and kick back and forth from the shoreline to open water. Every now and then a fish is coming up out there.

You start back toward the far south end letting the fly burble along behind you.

A fish comes up and intercepts it.

You move down to the far south shoreline. There's a light wind out of the north and you decide to prospect the area where the lake narrows into a channel to a small pond. You have found fish here before picking off bugs as they concentrate in the wind-blown current.

They're in there again, and they like the damsel left to bob along in the waves. You catch a few and miss a few.

After awhile you want to try a muddler again. You tie on the light one and kick over to the east shoreline and work back north again. The fly floats like a cork, and it's a pleasure to cast and strip.

Just when you aren't expecting it, a long, lean Rainbow porpoises on it. Always a beautiful sight.

You move on down, and now you're expecting it when two more good fish porpoise on the fly.

This section has been slow the last couple of times you were here. You're glad to see that the trout in the den are getting up off the couch again.


  1. I've been with you to this lake so many times through your posts, it feels like home.


  2. I agree with Mark. Enjoy every one of your posts.