Thursday, August 23, 2012

Trout Lake Report: The Proper Ending

You know this hot weather won't last, so you slip away as often as you can. This time you go back to the south end.

You get a fish to chase and take a muddler right away.

You find another fish working over the damsels, so you tie on your damsel and give him a look at it. He takes it.

Then the breeze dies and things slow down. You slow down, too. You keep a fly floating out there, but you're content to wait and see what will happen.

You hear a familiar but unexpected sound and look up...

And a flock of swallows are swooping and darting overhead. You figure it's a migrating group from up north just passing through. You get a quick shot before they disappear southward. You don't see them again. But you're glad to have seen them one more time.

You bask in the warm air and listen to the sounds of the evening.

Big green and blue darner dragonflies buzz around you. They deftly take insects, including damselflies, out of the air. They veer down and dip into the water, leaving trails of little rings. Sometimes they clack against your rod. Sometimes they fly up and look you in the eye. Sometimes they land on you or the float tube. You're glad for their company.

You've tied the muddler back on by now, and decide to kick over and work the shoreline on the way back to the truck. As so often happens, just when you're least expecting it a fish comes out of nowhere and grabs it. And, as is so often the case, it's a hot fish, and gives you a hard fight.

This is where you came in. It seems like the proper ending to the evening.

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