Thursday, November 14, 2013

River Report: Sneaking

Not much time left in the day, but you want to go down to the river behind the house. The eagle sees you, but you hope the little old lady next door who told you you couldn't cross her land won't see you...crossing her land.

Not much cover anymore. Uh oh, she's coming out on her back porch. Is she looking right at you? No matter, you're off her land now. You drop down and fish awhile.

No room for a backcast. But that's a long, deep, tumbling backwater eddy, and you want to fish it. You roll cast. Then you try one-handed spey casting. Then you go Great Lakes and drift a nymph under an indicator as far as you can.

You climb out, hike upstream a ways, slide down a deer trail, and wade in where you can stretch out a long backcast and swing a fly. You comb over a long run. You're fishing, and that's good.

It's getting dark. The rising moon is backlighting the overcast. You climb up the deer trail and sit on the edge of the high bank. You brought your old thermos, so you have a hot cup of coffee and watch it get dark.

Then you sneak back home again.


  1. Used to have a grumpy old lady lived next door in Wisconsin when I was a kid. We called her Grandma Twigs. Used to put a shopping bag full of dog poop on her porch, light the bag, ring the doorbell, and run like hell. She was still grumpy, but it made us feel a lot better. You might try that.

  2. A little adventure in your fishing just spices things up a bit! That's one beautiful stretch of water you've got behind the house there're a lucky man.