Sunday, May 11, 2014

Trout Lake Report: Perfect

You only have a couple of hours before dark, it's breezy and cool, and the fish are hiding; but you work the shoreline with a muddler and coax two to come and get it, including the first Brown of the year.



  1. Jim.

    Do you Gink your muddlers, or let them sink when they get a little wet? Do you fish them on their own or on a dropper with a fly on the point?

    I'm looking to try them on my big lake very soon.


    1. I fish them without a dropper. I tie them to float, and grease them up good. I want them to float when they land, and I usually let them sit for a moment before the strip. After one or two fish they will still float after the cast but will sink a bit on the strip. I find that usually makes no difference. Take some time to find out what the fish in your lake like. Good luck.