Thursday, June 26, 2014

Trout Lake Report: Whither the Drakes?

On a warm early evening you kick out into the channel...

...and begin the long voyage down the main Drake shoreline. The last time you were at the lake you found few Drakes on the other side. You want to look here. Is the hatch over?

You have on a big, bright muddler variation. You put it into every fishy opening along the bank that you can find, like a key in a lock.

Sometimes the lock opens to reveal a shining treasure.

A Drake flies by. Just one. It's several minutes before you see another. A Yellow warbler's darting flights reveal where several are popping from the water in a slow rhythm. You tie on the Drake fly, and trout dart at it too, and are caught.

You reach the far end and turn and begin to work your way back.

Fish are working, but it seems that they're taking something other than Drakes now. Your fly is ignored.

You stick with it awhile, but then return to the bright muddler variation. That gets some attention.

The Drake hatch is not over, but you are forced to conclude that you have seen the beginning of the end.

The pages turn, and a new chapter begins. Time to tie up some Damsels, and a fresh batch of muddlers for some new shorelines.


  1. Always amazes me that they are so skinny. They seem to eat well so they must be getting a lot of exercise.

  2. It always appears like you basically have that lake all to yourself....if that's the case then you really are one lucky guy!! You can't beat throwing big dries like that for hungry trout , I like the looks of that hi-vis drake pattern.