Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Football Final Report: Season's Over

It's all over. Basketball looms.
To tell the truth, I lost track of things. I missed a couple of games, and the schedules kept changing. Isaiah's seventh graders played a couple of games as the backup squad for the eighth graders. All of us forgot the scores of the lopsided losses, and there were precious few lopsided wins.
It was a season of learning, and both boys had their frustrations and griefs, and their shining moments.
These photos and videos sum up the season.
The seventh graders follow the action as the eighth graders battle a tough opponent, hanging close to the coach and hoping for a chance to go in that never came.
Halftime, in a game the eighth graders had well in hand; the seventh graders got to play and scored a touchdown.
Jeremiah's last game, another tough loss.
As Jeremiah waits to go back out on offense, Isaiah helps man the chains on the far sideline.
One of Jeremiah's many tackles.

And one of Jeremiah's many frustrating moments as a wide receiver. The life of a wide receiver in little league football is a hard life.

One of Isaiah's many tackles.

And a signature run by Isaiah, gaining the first down on fourth and long. This was also the first game in which his name was called out over the loudspeakers.

Isaiah and his friends walk into the sunset at the beginning of their last game.
And another season comes to a close.

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