Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tuesday Fishing Report: Salmon Are Here

I had checked the river on Monday and found no big fish. I went back Tuesday and they were there.
I waded upstream to the deep run and a big fish rose with a cloop in the middle of the channel. I wondered....
Looking back downstream the truth dawned on me: the salmon were back. That whole section of river surged with them.
These pictures don't do justice to their overwhelming presence: the wide, fast wakes; the big swirls; the broad heads breaking the water and going back down with a sucking sound; the large bodies rising up out of nowhere, planing for a second on their bellies and then slipping back out of sight. I had two do that within six feet of me.
Each time I put the camera back in my pocket something amazing would happen until I took it out again.
I threw a succession of big flies and enjoyed the show. No hookups. There is always the chance for steelhead following the salmon, but I had nothing in that department either.
I went back downstream and fished my original run, just in case.
But no contact. Yet.
I can hardly wait to fish the Ronde. But I'm actually looking forward to getting back.

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