Monday, February 27, 2012

Youth Sports Post: Unmistakable Signs of Spring

I've seen the Redwinged Blackbirds and the Robins, but today there were more unmistakable signs of Spring up at the high school. The baseball team was working out in the gym, the track team was running in the elementary school gym, the tennis team was shivering down the hill on the courts, and Isaiah and the soccer team were out on the pitch kicking the ball around. It was the first day of practice for Spring sports.


  1. It's coming. Sure enough. :) A heartening thing indeed, as I'm still knee deep in snow!

    1. This, too, shall pass. In some ways I envy you, but in more ways I'm glad to be out from under. Hang in there.

  2. Great backdrop for some athletic fields! Soccer is a fall sport here. It good that the kids can be outside practicing. Our teams are all still indoors. Good report!