Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Things That Glow

Tonight's full moon. When it rose it was 99% full, but it was soon at 100%.

Jeremiah's new lava lamp. Over several months, each time he and a friend went bowling
they shot baskets in the arcade until he had saved up 2,000 tickets.
He's very proud of it.

A spider who lived on the pump at the forest service campground
up on the mountain where the Redbands live.

The dorsal, in the evening sun, of one of the Rainbows at the lake this past summer. 

A rough chunk of amethyst, the February birthstone,
February being the month of my birth.

My daughter Laura, expecting her first baby in April.
We've known for some time, but we're getting more excited by the day.
It will be my third grandchild--and my first granddaughter!


  1. Lots of glowing for sure, especially the last photo.

    1. Thanks. She does glow. Nice streamer on 365!

  2. Congratulations on so many fronts! Innocence and happiness resonates from this post.Great photos!

    1. Nice to think I can still be accused of innocence. Thanks.

  3. Excellent post. I keep trying to check out your new posts but it keeps taking me to a page that says this page cannot be found ??? Could be a problem on my end not sure. I really like that amethyst stone. Great looking photos. Tight Lines..

    1. I was on your blog and saw a post title under my blog listing that I had deleted. Maybe that's the one you couldn't find. I'm afraid I'm no tech guy. Hope you have no more problems. Congrats again on the impending birth of your son!