Thursday, January 24, 2013

Bide Your Time

It snowed again. Another two or three inches. Brightened things up. I crunched down to the river under the watchful gaze of an eagle.

I tried to sneak up on him, but he was quickly up and gone. He'll be back. It's a favorite perch.

The river was flowing again. Sometime during the night it had bent its back under the weight of ice and snow and broken free. I wish I could have seen and heard that.

I watched for a long time. I, too, am feeling the weight of the ice and snow. I, too, am ready to break free.

Then this morning the river was once again covered in ice. But it's there, still flowing. Bide your time, it says. Bide your time.


  1. We shall bide our time, not much we can do about the weather.
    That last photo is great.

  2. Love those black and white shots , they just speak of winter and all it entails.
    It won't be long , I can feel the days getting longer as I sit and type. Spring is slowly waking up....