Thursday, May 28, 2015

Trout Lake Report: The Hatch of the Year Has Begun

It's a rainy, cool afternoon.

You find some rainbows along the shoreline, but no browns.

You're enjoying yourself immensely trying to find the door with the prize behind it.

A fish rises splashily out in open water as you're passing by, so you drop the muddler on his head. He takes it splashily.

The sun leaks through the clouds eventually. You kick across to give the other shoreline a shot.

You catch one little rainbow. But you catch it on the biggest mayfly dry you can find, which isn't big enough. Why the change to the mayfly? You saw some Brown Drakes helicoptering around. Not a lot, and the fish aren't on them yet. But it has started.

You kick for the take out under the quarter moon feeling excited. You're going over big drake ties in your mind. You can hardly wait to get back to the lake. The hatch of the year has begun.


  1. Jim.

    It looks like those little fish really need a good meal. By autumn they will have some belly on them. Just how big (hook size) are the brown drakes?