Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A Breath of Fresh Air

What a breath of fresh air. If you're tired of BS gear reviews, check out this one by Jay Nicholas over on The Caddis Fly: Oregon Fly Fishing Blog.

These quotes will give you a good sense of where he's coming from:

If I really honestly understood some of the finer points of the gear I’ve used I would probably feel more comfortable using techno babble in these reviews.  Fact is, however, that I’m not smart enough or don’t have the interest in most of the technical details like ball bearing counts, the ratio of boron to titanium, to graphite, to fiberglass in our rods, and how many little bubbles of floatation per cubic inch there may be in our fly lines.
What I do care about, and have fun reporting, is when a new fish pole and string feel good in my hand and allow me to “huck” my fly way out onto the river/lake/estuary to lure a fish.  I like a fly reel that feels good, spins nicely, has a “decent” drag system, and holds up under my low maintenance philosophy of “fish it and forget it.” I do not throw perfect tight loops.  I fish.  I fish hard and long and cover the water, so any gear that allows me to fish more effectively, or with less effort – is a winner.

Thanks so much, Jay.

Click HERE for the full review.

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