Friday, December 14, 2012


Don't give up on me. I'm still here.

We almost got internet service at home today, but the guy didn't show up. This is the second company we've tried. The first didn't have line of sight from the house, and said they couldn't run a line from the garage, which does have line of sight. This guy says he can run the line. Good. Now just show up and do it.

So I've been running in to the local library to get online, but each time I'm rushed, and have actual work to do online, which I suppose should take priority over this blog.

And I haven't fished in ages. I've been a bit under the weather--flu, chest cold, cough, that sort of thing--so the icy river hasn't seemed as inviting as at other times.

Meanwhile, winter has come, with its challenges and beauty.

And I'm in a new place, a good place, watching the river by day and listening to it by night, hearing the eagles on their tall snag and the geese in their backwater and the deer wading across at dark, picturing the flow and anticipating, always anticipating...


  1. I hope you get to feeling better soon. Good luck dealing with those people. You pay them and they still do things on their own time.

  2. Jim
    Beautiful shot of some great winter scenes. Hope you get back on track soon, because your blog is one I really enjoy. Thanks for the update

  3. We must....always anticipate, always hope. Beautiful post, and your readers are always here. Hope you are feeling better very soon.


  4. Beautiful winter shots...Hope you get back on the water soon.