Monday, December 3, 2012

The View From Coal Creek

It's happened. Our friend Erin Block has a book out. Congratulations, Erin! Thought I'd help spread the good news. 

"The View from Coal Creek is a reflection on fly rods, fishing, and life seen from the vantage of a canyon in Colorado, but these are props in a larger story about life, love, and tradition. Erin Block is a young, powerful voice carrying the torch and passing on lessons, values, and history of this great, literary and vibrant sport."

December 2012, Hardcover, Limited Edition
$44.95 Retail Price -- SPECIAL $39.95

December 2012, Softcover $21.95 Retail Price -- SPECIAL $17.50


  1. Thank you, Jim....for the shout out and support!

  2. Jim
    Thanks for sharing the books, I am into reading good fly fishing books and both of these are on my list. I am featuring a new book on fly fishng on my new post if you want to take a look.

  3. Very cool. Now when's your book coming out?