Tuesday, February 16, 2010

And Finally....

Some odds and ends from the Oregon trip.
If you scrolled around on that Google map of a few posts back you may have noticed that I was in the middle of some pretty nice coastal rivers. The Umpqua was just north, and less than two hours to the south was the famous Rogue. The camp would likely provide cheap housing for any group--such as, oh, I don't know, my brothers and me--who wanted a base from which to hit a few name Steelhead rivers. Here's one of the cabins tucked away in the old growth forest.
A correction: the museum in Myrtle Point is the Logging Museum, not the Logger's Museum as I wrote in a previous post.
Whatever the name, chances are this guy isn't going to get his own display anytime soon. I found this on the two track on the way to the stretch of the South Fork I fished on Friday. Yeah, that's a wedge and a chain locked in that cut. At least he salvaged his chainsaw.
Here's the trail leading to that cabin. There are many such rustic accomodations there. And a modern kitchen, and umpteen woodstoves and fireplaces. Just saying.
And finally, on the way back to the camp after our trip to the beach Sunday we rounded a bend and saw this herd of Roosevelt elk out for their evening graze. Nice capper to a very nice trip.
And I'm pretty sure there's still a Steelhead in Oregon with my name on it....

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