Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Report From Oregon

We made it here; a long but beautiful drive. The weather was rainy and misty with gauzy mountaintops hanging in midair or slowly rising up out of backlit clouds; Chinese watercolors everywhere you looked.
We shot down through the heart of Washington, crossed the mighty Columbia and threaded our way west along its banks past waterfalls and eagles. Then south into sheep country, the wooly ungulates grazing on emerald green swards, with not a mountain in sight. I felt like I was going to roll all the way to the edge of the contry and fall into the Pacific.
Then it was west again through the dark to the road the camp is on. The junction is right on the South Fork of the Coquille. So I'm sitting here just a few miles from the river. We arrived, unslung our gear, and moved into the housing to the sound of singing frogs and a burbling stream.
As you can see, the camp has a wifi connection. That was a nice surprise. So, if it holds up, I'll send a few reports while I'm here.
Meanwhile, I don't know for sure what tomorrow holds. There may be some necessary messing around, orientating, and coordinating with the guy whose car I want to use before I can hope to be on the water somewhere.
One way or another, though, it looks like I'll get wet tomorrow.
56F 45F

54F 46F

61F 46F

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