Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Breaking In

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The boys and I drove over Sherman Pass to Spokane today. Orthodontist appointments. Jeremiah got a new spinning rod and reel combo while we were there, and then got an urgent need to fish today.
Of the boys, Jeremiah has more of the fishing fire. Isaiah held off on a rod and reel, figuring he'd wait and maybe negotiate using that money for something else. But Jeremiah stood there in the store with the rod in his hand and got that compelling need to try it out now.
I understand that. So this evening as we were making our way back up toward the pass we stopped to break in the new combo.
We were also probably breaking in on a closed season, but it seemed important....
This is Sherman Creek, a beautiful little stream that runs down the mountain right along the road. I have often driven past it and thought of stopping to explore it.
It was early for the trout--who knows, maybe there aren't any up that high this time of year--and Jeremiah produced a few amazing bird's nests of the line. I don't know how he does it: one flick of the wrist and eight feet of line is irretrievably tangled.
But he also got some real nice swings with a little Rooster Tail.
Right here he just let the Rooster Tail hang in the current, the spinner blade flashing in the sun. A thing of beauty, and an image that I think will stay in his mind's eye, feeding that fire.
Considering how short the time was, he hit about every possible run within reach. And he managed to keep his shoes relatively dry.
It was a short stop, but it was enough--for now. Jeremiah, too, is now broken in for the coming season. I hope to spend lots of time with him as we both experience the breakdowns and the breakthroughs ahead.

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