Sunday, March 14, 2010

Saturday Fishing Report: Whitefish Afternoon

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I hiked down to the river again. It was a gorgeous afternoon, but a bit cooler than recent days. I ranged farther upstream and spent a lot of time in water up to my waist trying to get a little closer to the far bank on several runs and that big glide. By the time I got home at about dark I was chilled to the core and spent the evening sitting next to the fire instead of posting this report.
Whitefish were much in evidence, and I hooked one a little bigger than the other night. I kept looking for Steelhead, and then I worked my way all the way back downstream as daylight waned hoping to pick up a Trout or a Smallmouth that might have been out working the midges or the Blue Winged Olives. But it was a Whitefish afternoon.
Still, I got some nice shots along the way. The temp is in the high fifties today and tomorrow calls for possibly breaking 60 degrees again. I hope to be out again then.

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