Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Guy Who Always Catches the Biggest Fish

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One of the kids my Dad took fishing was my brother, Mark. It took. He has been one of the more accomplished fishermen in our family. Some of us may know more about certain aspects of the sport, but Mark has always been the one who just goes out and catches the biggest fish.

He just moved out here. To stay. The first thing we did was go fishing. Since Jeremiah and a friend wanted to go to the bass lake again (to celebrate the fact that today was the last day of school) that's where we went for our first fishing trip together in many years. Mark and I went out in the canoe while the boys messed around on the dock.

Mark has learned a few things about bass back in the Midwest, and so...he just went out and caught the biggest fish. Again.

We're really happy to have him here. But I have to say, before he showed up I was the one in our family who caught the biggest fish in Washington. Of course, I was the only one of the family here, but, well, you know what I mean.


  1. Ha! Yeah, I do know what you mean. Cool to have a fishing partner though, even if he does show you up. ;)

  2. True. Unless it happens over and over and over... Thanks for the comment. Beautiful stuff going on over at Mysteries Internal.

  3. Ah thanks! Glad you're enjoyed the reads. And I hope your brother's luck dries a little ;)