Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Father and Daughter, Together Again

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My daughter Laura and her husband Warren are with us this week. Of my three grown daughters, Laura was the one who most liked to fish. She and I had some great trips together when she was a little girl, but we haven't been able to fish with each other for a long time. I was pleased when she told me that was one of the things she really wanted to do on this trip.

Our first chance came on Monday evening. The whole crew of us had gone to Cutthroat Lake to swim. Everybody except Laura and I headed for home, and we stayed around to see if the big cutts were hungry.

The conditions were perfect: no wind, calm lake, and a good hatch of Callibaetis. But the fish didn't cooperate. There were a few rises but no concerted rise. We had a good shot at one cruiser, and were close enough to see it come up under the fly...and refuse it. Such is fishing.

But what a good time we had talking and fishing, father and daughter together again. The plan we made while we fished on Monday is to load up the canoe and make for Trout Lake on Tuesday.

I can hardly wait. And I predict fish photos before the week is out.

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