Wednesday, November 30, 2011

River Report: Once More Into the Breach

Once more into the breach. It was a lovely afternoon and the river and the sky were beautiful. I covered a lot of water and feel that I'm getting to know the river again. The Steelhead eluded me, though each good swing was rich with anticipation.

I had one strong grab on the hang of the fly, and the rush was sweet if short lived. It turned out to be a good-sized, very scrappy Whitefish.

Ah, but next time....


  1. " with anticipation.." Great line. I like what you see. Driftwood, treeforms, river cobble. I feel like I've been on that water.

  2. Thanks, Herringbone. I like what you see. I feel that I know your woods and back roads, thanks to your beautiful photos.