Monday, November 21, 2011

Best Fish Photos, 2011

We have snow on the ground here, and more on the way. Seems like Winter has settled in early and for good. Maybe that's why I was drawn today to my photos of the season past.

This was a great season on the various waters around here. As I pored over photos the memories came flooding back of family and friends on the water, swimming, fishing, and just having a good time. That's what it's all about.

It was also a great fishing season for me. I caught my best Steelhead ever in my own backyard river way back in February. In April I caught bright, fresh trout, and some slab Bluegill on the early season lake. I caught Lahontan Cutthroats in early summer in Cutthroat Lake. In mid-Summer there were eager little trout in the mountain streams in spite of the high water. At various times there were Bass and Bluegill and Perch with the boys on the warm water lake.

And always there was Trout Lake. This was arguably my best season ever there. For the first time since I began fishing there I can say I caught fish on every trip, and on some trips I caught more than I ever have before.

All that makes for a lot of memories to go to sleep by on these long winter nights.

Here is a celebration of those fish, a collection of some of the best photos of the season past.


  1. Dustin and Erin: Thanks for the comments. Yeah, a good year. Still not over if I can get on the river a few more times.

  2. Nice Jim. Really enjoyed the music. Mysterious but kind of soothing. Could you give a little background on it?

  3. Herringbone: Thanks. Yes, I like that music too. It's David and Steve Gordon, from a CD entitled Sacred Drum Visions, 20th Anniversary Collection.