Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Time to Make Your Henry's Fork Plans

A very positive Henry's Fork forecast for 2012 from Henry's Fork Lodge.

You've got all winter to dream about and construct your plan, and maybe much of the summer, too, if you take this to heart:

•The other end of the season, fall, delivers some of the most interesting and consistent fishing of the year.  I expect more of the same next year.  Angler traffic is at a low and wind is less of an issue the later you come.  My advice has always been that if you’re coming in September or October, the later the better.  The weather and water are cooler, the bugs are smaller, but conditions are more stable in October than September.  The fish are on their pre-winter feeding binge and dense hatches of midges and small mayflies bring them rising to the top in good numbers.  If small bugs aren’t your game, use big flies like streamers and go for big fish.

Of course, this is the Lodge, a place I'll never set foot in, and they may just be trying to drum up more high end business from the 1% who can afford their prices, and who would be warm and dry on those cold October nights in their plush rooms.

I love fall fishing at the Fork; we've had some of our most memorable trips in that beautiful, elky time of year. But I'll be just down the road at Riverside Campground, sleeping in a tent, and having a blast.


  1. I'll be sleeping in the dirt if they need me. Have room service leave some fresh towels.