Monday, January 9, 2012

River Report: I Get Lucky

I headed straight to The Glide on this drab afternoon, thinking about those tugs last Friday. I had been thinking about them frequently over the weekend. I stayed with the same fly, but this time I added a sink tip.

At about the same place I had gotten those tugs, I hooked up. Same fish? I think it's a good bet.

The fish took as I started to strip in after the dangle. It pulled, but it didn't fight at first. I was expecting a Whitefish until that first big swirl when I saw that flash of red that lit up the day.

It wasn't big, but it acquitted itself well, making long lunging runs as it did its best to get to the other side of the river.

I took another pass through The Glide, but that was it for today.

But, boy, it sure felt good.


  1. Beautiful fish Jim! The colors on that thing are just amazing. It's sure nice when a plan comes together on the water and we get to have some well deserved success. Congrats......Jeff

  2. Jeff: Thanks. Couldn't agree more. It still seems like a miracle to me when you find one of those in the middle of winter.