Saturday, January 7, 2012

River Report: Just a Kiss

"Just a kiss." My dating days are long past, but I seem to remember hearing those words more than once. A kiss is nice, but I was always hoping for more.

As I was perusing blogs on Friday, I found the "Top Five Tips to Increase Winter Steelhead Success," posted by Zach over on the Idylwilde Marinated in Awesomeness Blog:

1.  Go fishing more!
2.  Try to spend more time on the river fishing and less time reading about winter steelhead on the internet!
3.  Fish flies that you can effectively cast consistently all day long. If the fly is not landing in “the zone” on every cast, odds of catching FEWER winter steelhead increase dramatically.
4.  Keep your fly in the water as much as possible. Happens naturally when you go fishing more often.
5.  Stop reading this blog and go fishing!

So I stopped reading and went. I lost a fly long-lining the Bridge Run, then slogged upstream to The Glide. I covered it slowly and thoroughly as evening deepened into dusk.

Down at the end I got a kiss. Just a kiss. Something picked up the fly and gave it three or four tugs. Good tugs, Steelheady tugs. Then let go.

Hoping for more, I went right back. And again, and again. I worked that section over, making each cast count, varying the speed and depth of the fly as much as I could. Doing everything I could to get something more. But that was all I got. Just a kiss.

Maybe I'll get to Second Base on the next date. Or, who knows? I might get lucky.

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