Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Time To Get Back Home To the Home Waters

I'm home after our family road trip. That trip wasn't a fishing trip, and I haven't been fishing yet since I got home, and all the time I was gone I was thinking of my home waters and that last trip to the lake before we hit the road.

It was back when the heat wave was building, and the evening was a hot one...

I was fishing the damselator. It took awhile, but I found a fine rainbow that liked it. We had a lovely moment.

At dusk I switched to a muddler and fished the shoreline under an eagle staying cool in the heat.

I caught a fish.

And a fish caught itself. It took the unattended muddler as I was taking shots of the eagle. There was no movement of the line after the take, so I figured the fish was off. But when I picked up the rod again it was still on.

Alas, the fly was deep in its gorge. It was too deep to extricate, so I clipped the line and did my best to revive the fish. But unsuccessfully. So I retrieved the fly and took the fish home with me for supper.

When I couldn't see the eagle anymore I drifted the muddler back to the truck. I caught one more fish. It revived quickly and swam off into the night.

So I'm back home. Time now to get back home to the home waters.

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