Thursday, July 25, 2013

Trout Lake Report: How Can You Improve On Perfection?

It was in many ways a perfect evening.

It was hot, calm, quiet--road dust hung in the air.

The fish were...introspective.

It seemed that small was the new big. No fish would come to a muddler. When they came up at all it was to sip one of the swarming midges.

I clipped the muddler. This time I would go intuitive rather than counter to it. I cast up along the bank where a fish had come up once. I waited, and it finally came up again--and I had it, a red-cheeked beauty.

I fooled it. Who would have thought that the man in the familiar float tube who always throws big muddlers had matched the hatch with a fine little #18 griffith's gnat on 5X tippet?

The word went out. No more fish were fooled.

It didn't matter. How can you improve on perfection?


  1. Way to trick them trout, Jim. They are going to have to do a little extra homework now if they want to send you home skunked. Although, how can one be unhappy with beautiful scenery like that.