Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Dude, Check This Out: Iceland, the Sugarcubes, and Bjork

Iceland is an amazing place with amazing fishing.

Fly Fishing in Iceland from TT FlyFishing on Vimeo.

And Iceland is the birthplace of Bjork, and Bjork is an amazing person and amazing singer.

She started out with the Sugarcubes in the late Eighties and early Nineties. They were a pretty amazing band in their own right, considering they were and remain today the biggest rock band ever to come out of Iceland.

Here's a sample of their music and of Bjork's amazing work with them, first a demo of Lou Reed's Sweet Jane, and then a song from their 1989 album "Here Today, Tomorrow Next Week!"

Dream TV by The Sugarcubes on Grooveshark

Then here is my favorite of Bjork's songs, beginning with the original and including three of the many remixes that have been done. In my humble opinion, an amazing song by an amazing artist.

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