Friday, December 6, 2013

Solstice Countdown: 15

So when it gets cold, the river begins to freeze up, and the drifting shards of ice make an ethereal, tinkly music as they shuffle by...

And you can see the vapor trail of an F-16 from the base in Spokane whose pilot is in a good mood as he makes his training run (I hope that was an F-16, and not a 737)...

And the ice on Bass Lake makes unearthly Star Wars sound effects as it tightens its grip.

Just 15 more days until the Solstice.


  1. Does seem that old man winter is upon us. As I write this at 4:30 the storm is only a few miles to the North and coming my way. The hatches are battened down and the wood box is full.

  2. Beautiful to look at , although I realize it doesn't do much for the fishing. I guess we're relegated to a few months of old man winter hanging out around the fireplace.

  3. Yup..the freeze up is gaining speed here in Maine..amazing how fast it happens..