Sunday, February 2, 2014

Youth Sports Post: Jeremiah "Flying"

February has arrived. In my calendar this is the first month of Spring. So don't despair.

Meanwhile, winter weather is asserting itself here again in the form of cold temperatures. Don't worry, I'm sure it's the last gasp, but for now we're in the middle of what looks like a stretch of days below freezing and nights in the teens and single digits. That means there's shelf ice forming on the river again.

It was open for a few days, but my life agenda wasn't. It has been a busy time. So I didn't make it to the river, or to Rocky Ford. But warmer weather is on the way. Really.

Happily, one of the things that has taken up some of my time is high school basketball. My second son Jeremiah is a sophomore, and his Junior Varsity team is having a good season.

So is Jeremiah. Number 24 just keeps getting taller and better. Those were the days.

The other night we were playing one of our most notorious rivals. The boy's varsity, the girl's varsity, the boy's C-squad, the girl's C-squad, and the girl's JV all lost. But the boy's JV won in a thriller.

Jeremiah played hard and made some good plays. This was one of the more interesting ones. He misses a breakaway layup, but manages a follow up assist the hard way when his friend Adrian gets another steal and passes back to Jeremiah. I enthused about his acrobatic recovery, and he said, "Yeah, well, why didn't Adrian just make a good pass?"

Because it wouldn't have been as good a video, my son.


  1. Love youth sports.
    The athletes involved play for the sport.

  2. It's all about teamwork and he has a good handle on that. Quite the athlete that young man.