Saturday, February 7, 2015

Looking for Robins

With apologies to those of you experiencing cold and snow, our weather has been mild and rainy. Rainy means overcast--continuous, perpetual overcast. Overcast means no sun, no moon, no stars--and no sun, no sun at all. Some might say it has been downright gloomy.This recent shot of Bass lake is typical. Beautiful, but, well, kind of gloomy.

So when I was downstairs in my office this afternoon and a shaft of sunlight suddenly splashed against the wall, I grabbed my point and shoot and dashed outside. Ah, what a lovely interlude.

I went back inside and kept my camera handy. Then, just before sunset, I went out again hoping for a little color. There was just a little.

And there was a hawk.

And then I heard a Robin chirping away down by the river, so I went down to find it.

This is the first Robin I've seen this year. I'll leave it to you to decide whether it's a sign of Spring or global warming. It seemed fat and healthy, and perhaps lonely. I saw no others, and no others answered its calls. At least this one will get the worm.

I was close to the river, so I went on down and took a few shots. It was going down until this most recent rain, which lasted four days straight. Now it's up again.

The forecast calls for a partly sunny day on Sunday, but clouds were rolling in again when I went inside. The rain is supposed to hold off for a few days, but it will be mostly cloudy. Daytime temperatures will hang around the mid-forties.

The weather at Rocky Ford Creek this week is supposed to be partly sunny with temperatures in the mid-to-upper-fifties. Guess I'll go down there and look for Robins.


  1. Snowing here, and snow last week, and snow tomorrow, and snow Tuesday, then bitter cold..........I need Robins Jim.

  2. That robin silhouette seems to say it all, Not Yet, but we're gettin' there...

  3. Have no fear, the rain you're not getting is down here. You can have it back in a month or so.