Thursday, February 5, 2015

You Might Be More Hip Than You Think

There is an artist, currently very hip, who goes by the name of Naturel.

He's very big on "maximalism," hip hop, and corporate sponsorship. This is not someone I would normally know about, but I learned about him through a niece who posted on Instagram some of his Instagram posts. Oh yeah, he's also big on Twitter and Instagram.

His images are arresting, and graphically sharp and competent, if perhaps largely derivative.

But take a look at this, one of the walls of his first solo exhibit. Notice anything?


How about in this picture of a couple of hip hop artists whose names I don't know. Do you see it?

1 copy 2

Yeah, here it is. A fancy fly!

I looked it up. It's from a larger work called "A'lure."

Who would have thought it? Just goes to show, fly fishing is everywhere.

 And watch out: you might be more hip than you think.

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