Sunday, October 18, 2015

River News

I stopped by the river the other day to see what was happening. I checked out a gravel bar that annually hosts spawning salmon and their redds.

I thought at first that I had come to the party too late. But then, after a long wait, I saw a swirl like the one just at the top of the slick in the photo. I saw a few more after that, along with tails and dorsals. Salmon were in there doing their thing, but it was clear that numbers were way down compared to other years.

What fish I could catch glimpses of appeared to be well-covered with fungus, so it seems that the run is almost over. But I saw only one salmon whose life's journey was complete.

Make that three. At least I hope these fish had completed their mission. The season is still closed for salmon, but these two were poached by snaggers. They took the fillets but left a tangle of line and a plastic container with some treble hooks still in it. Maybe it was a family who really needs the extra food. Or maybe it was some of your basic dickheads inconsiderate slobs.

In other river news, I was talking to someone on Saturday who said they had caught a steelhead just that morning. First one I've heard about. And he said it was a wild fish. That's a wake up call. I will be hitting the river this week.


  1. Hope you have better luck with the Steelhead than I've had.

  2. Good luck with the steelhead quest Jim. I've got a trip planned to chase Great Lakes steelhead later this Fall and can't wait to get up there. They've been on my bucket list for awhile and I'm excited to give it a shot.