Thursday, October 8, 2015

Art by Analee Fuentes


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Brown Trout

Brook Trout

Rainbow Trout

Art by Analee Fuentes. There will be a showing of her fish paintings at the Jacobs Gallery in Eugene, Oregon beginning October 9.

From her website:
Fish, reptiles and birds have been a focus of close observation throughout my life: they are my “totem” animals. The images in this exhibit reflect a certain nostalgia for growing up in the Southwest where the landscape was a riot of light and color and my cultural artifacts (Mexican serapes, textiles and embroidery) were profuse with rich patterning and repetition. It seems only natural that upon moving to Oregon, a similar aesthetic would inform my work. I gravitate to things that are ornate, excessive, overdone, colorful, and patterned.
During the summer months I spend much of my time in the Cascades and have been enthralled by the beauty of the fish that live in our rivers and lakes. They are Baroque little jewels, so little in fact, that I wanted to oblige a viewer to take note by increasing their size. Straddling abstraction and representation, these paintings are the result.
Painting is the compass by which I orient myself to daily experience. The process is as close to a mystical experience as I have had. It is an act of discovery, a journey through legend, mystery, and magic.

Immerse yourself in her art HERE.

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