Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Winter Mouse Fishing With Molly Semenik

It's December, and even though it won't officially be winter until the 22nd, we're now talking about winter fishing. I love the way Molly goes at it in this video from 2012.

Winter fishing on freestoners and tailwaters almost always calls for going low and slow with tiny nymphs, and trying to drift them directly into the mouths of the trout, hanging like frozen fish sticks in the frigid water.

Spring Creeks are another story. I always try big floaters--muddlers and stimulators--on Rocky Ford Creek, and the fish respond to them. The first fish I caught there was a 22" beauty that took a big muddler on top.

Now I'm eager to try a mouse. I'll tie mine fatter and with a shorter tail than Molly's mouse, but I'll bet you it will wake up those Rocky Ford Rainbows. They may not know what to do with it at first, but they're predators. They'll figure it out.


  1. That looks like fun....wouldn't have thought of using mouse patterns this time of year though.

    1. Definitely counter-intuitive--which I like.