Thursday, December 3, 2015

Ted Williams Interview

An interview with legendary environmental writer Ted Williams from Monte Burke, Contributing Editor at Forbes Magazine.


"Most of us who pay even the slightest bit of attention to outdoor and environmental writing already know this for a fact: Ted Williams is a national treasure. I can think no one who so consistently—and effectively—bangs the drum on behalf of the environment, conservation, our game, fish and wild, open spaces. Williams calls out the miscreants and criminals who trash our environment, and praises the heroes who fight for it. His prose is candid, clear-eyed and concise. Williams is also opinionated but always supported by well-researched facts. He has become, in many ways, the modern-age equivalent of Rachel Carson for sportsmen.

"Williams has written four books. Fly Rod & Reel magazine has admirably given him ample column space for many years. He also writes a regular column for The Nature Conservancy, and is a frequent contributor toAudubon, Mother Jones and High Country News.

"I recently caught up with Ted to talk about the growing divide between sportsmen and environmentalists, the NRA, Obama’s record on the environment, feral cats and his favorite fish."

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  1. Very enjoyable interview Jim, thanks for posting. p.s. I thought he was the real Ted Williams son.

    1. I was glad the interviewer asked about the name. Sounds like this Ted Williams has learned to have a sense of humor about the confusion.