Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Youth Sports Post: Iris Trophies

It has not been unusual in the past for me to post photos of youth sports. Both of my sons have been involved in sports for the past eight or nine years. That meant we were involved, too.

That changed over this past year, and now neither son is active in organized sports. I miss it.

So imagine my delight a few weeks ago to see this photo of my granddaughter Iris just embarking on her sporting career. She just turned four, and she's all kitted out and taking over the pitch.

Imagine my further delight to receive this photo today of Iris and her best friend posing with their trophies. I believe these are participation trophies, but they couldn't be prouder or happier if they had won the World Cup. 

I couldn't either. Nicely done, girls.

Isaiah and Jeremiah, eat your hearts out.

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