Monday, September 28, 2009

Friday Fishing Report: Nooner

It occurred to me Friday that "hopper time" may be a time of day as well as a time of the season. I've scoffed at that notion in the past, but my experience on this day seemed to support it.
I was on the clock Friday with mid-afternoon and evening responsibilities, so I went to the lake during midday. I realized it has been some time since I fished it at that time of day. I trolled unsuccessfully with a wooly bugger to the other side of the lake, then tied on a hopper.
Bingo. The rest of the time was all hopper all the time. I caught the first fish on 4x but then saw several clear refusals, so switched to 5X. That did the trick. I lost a few fish in the weeds--the water is at its lowest level--but the 5X held.
It was a wonderful nooner.

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