Thursday, September 30, 2010

Football Report

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The boys have each had two games. I confess I missed their first games because of the Henry's Fork trip.
Isaiah and the Eighth Graders won their first game and lost last week's game.
Isaiah is off to a good start. He made several good runs and first downs last week in their losing effort.
Maybe it's the carbing up he does before the games.
Jeremiah's Seventh Graders have lost both games, but Jeremiah scored a touchdown in the first game. Wish I could have seen that.
Unfortunately, he then got whacked and got a concussion. Glad I didn't see that. He told us the ref asked him to count backward from ten by twos. He couldn't do it.
Later, when Kim was telling someone about that she suggested that it might be hard for anyone under stressful conditions. Jeremiah said, "Yeah, but I also didn't know who the president was or what day it was."
So during last week's game he had to sit out, but, as he said to me with pleasure, "I get to be waterboy!"
He took that in stride, but yesterday the doctor, following new and more stringent guidelines for concussions, told him he needed to sit out tonight's game, too. That made him mad. We were talking about it lastnight, and he yelled, "I don't care if I'm brain damaged!"
I leave in about an hour for the games. I'll let you know how they go.

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