Thursday, September 30, 2010

River Report: Reconnaissance

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I hit the river two evenings this week to see what was going on. Somehow another wade in a river was very appealing to me, especially now that I have that new pair of waders that I got for the Henry's Fork.
The river is up a bit, but flowing clear.
The salmon are here. I saw two come clear out of the water, and there are some big swirls out in the riffles. I didn't see any activity focused over the gravel; spawning may not have started in earnest.
I figure there are Steelhead here, too, and I focused on them the first time out. Got this beautiful wild trout instead. I'll take it.
The second time out I swung big flies hoping to interest a big Chinook. Tried to hit every level of the water column. I didn't move any salmon, but I moved a mess of these little Smallmouth.
My next trip will be to the lake, but I'll be keeping tabs on things at the river.

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