Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lake Report: Big Fish Time

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It was back to the lake in the wan light of October. The road was still busy with deer hunters, but I didn't hear any shots today. The deer, the ones left after the weekend offensive, have made themselves scarce.
I went back to the south end. I was the only guy on the lake for awhile, but three separate fishermen pulled into the south campground and set up camp while I was there.
I took the float tube again. It's much easier than the canoe to maneuver down to the water's edge. I still haven't repaired the slow leak in the right air bladder, and it appeared to lose more air tonight than it has for awhile. So it may be that the canoe will accompany me the rest of the way on this journey to season's end. That may be OK for another reason: it's a little warmer sitting high and dry in the canoe.
I trolled over to the far side with a big wooly bugger, and had a few hits from small fish, too small, apparently, to hook up. But I had a plan: to hit the bank with the Bomber to see if I could raise a big fish.
I worked methodically down to this rocky stretch. It drops off quickly here, and I thought it might give me my best chance. Sure enough, I saw a rise right up against the rocks.
I dropped the Bomber in tight, gave it two strips, and a streak of yellow came up and hammered it. A very nice Brown.
You'll notice I was able to net it. After the last trip, when I dropped my net into the lake, I dug through my fishing stuff and found this old net. I was glad to have it.
By then the breeze had dropped and fish were rising out in the center of the lake, so I moved out and tried the Bomber there. No go.
There were some very good fish working, lazily rising, their big dorsals waving in the air. It's big fish time, as they pack in nature's bounty in preparation for the long winter. It appeared that they were picking up emerging midges. But, instead of tying on a little emerger, I tried a series of surface flies, sure that I could entice one of those dorsals to come up and take.
It didn't happen--not this time. Sometimes it does, and when it works, it's genius. When it doesn't work, like tonight, it's pure hubris.
The big fish went down after awhile, leaving the surface to the little fish, and I caught a couple of them on the cinnamon ant.
It was good to see the big fish up, and next time I promise I'll tie on a little emerger. I'm sure you'd like to see one of those big Rainbows in the rosy glow of dusk.
Come to think of it, so would I.

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