Thursday, October 7, 2010

Football Report: The Boys Do Well

No wins tonight, but some much improved play.
Isaiah had a hard week. He was in the coach's doghouse for maybe not playing hard enough in the last game. So he was ready tonight to show what he had.
He got his chance.

Isaiah also played harder as linebacker on defense, and he kicked an extra point. He almost kicked the extra point for his own touchdown, but it was blocked.
Jeremiah, meanwhile, has had to sit out two games because of a concussion. So he was eager and happy to suit up for the game tonight.
His shining moment was this catch--and maybe surviving some tough hits and getting up for more.

The boys felt good after their play, the teams were in a good mood as they piled onto the team bus for the drive back home --and even the coach had a smile on his face.

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