Friday, February 1, 2013

February Starts With a Bang

I didn't get up extra early on Friday, but I got up with nothing to do but drive to Rocky Ford Creek. And fish. I was on the road by mid-morning. By the time I was close I had left the fog behind and was leaving the snow zone.

The sun shone pale, but warm for February. There was not a trace of ice anywhere on the creek.

I haven't used my 4 wt in three months. When I put it away on October 31st there was a raggedy little beadhead micro leech in the hook keeper. I took a look at it and, what the hell, cast it out. I worked it 
out gradually, giving it a very slow, steady retrieve as it drifted in the barely perceptible current.

And bang. Welcome, trout. It's been too long.

So I tried a couple of other beadheads. I tied on this number and got some bumps. A fish was following right up to the shallows, but was afraid to commit. I went back at him, got another little tug, and hooked him. He felt good, but came loose. I reeled in figuring I just hadn't hooked him securely. But maybe I had. He snapped the hook.

I went back to the micro leech.

And bang. I got one photo before he flipped out of the net and was gone.

I leisurely picked through my nymph boxes, trying this and that. I even got out a bobber and relaxed for awhile letting it do all the work. But it didn't work. So, as the sun sank toward the horizon, I went back to my new favorite fly.

I quartered it upstream and started the slow retrieve.

And bang. The best fish of the day. Thank you, fish. Thank you, raggedy little micro leech.

I walked out through the cattails and headed back to the parking area. I took a detour out onto the boardwalk by the hatchery for one last shot of the creek.

I was the last one to leave.

All the way home I alternated between feeling real good and wishing I'd tried at least something on top.

That will just have to wait for the next time.


  1. Cracking post. The micro leach looks very interesting!!

  2. It's good to know there is always a next time.

  3. Photo beauties as always....seems like we may have turned the corner to spring, eh? Here's to next time!