Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Rocky Ford Creek Report: Full Circle

You seek another trout fix on a fine early spring day. On the drive down to Rocky Ford you once more check out the simple fly you tied the night before. You think it looks OK.

You step out of the truck into what has to be a temperature over 50 degrees. You're the only one there. You leave the fleece liner in the truck and hike down to the creek. You tie on that new bugger and cast it into the realm of possibility.

It takes a few passes, but you finally connect. You savor the feel of the strong fish as you work it in. Now you look at that fly in the setting it was created for: the corner of a gorgeous trout's mouth. You think it looks beautiful.

Soon overcast will cover the sun and a persistent wind will pick up. You'll get the fleece out of the truck. You'll keep fishing, but you won't catch another trout. But it doesn't really matter. You've already come full circle.

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