Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Secret of Life

I've marked the arrival of fall with the arrival of a bad cold and sore throat. Tried to push through it, now hunkering down. I'm hoping to be well enough by the middle of next week to hit the road for a couple days of steelheading. More on that soon, I hope.

Meanwhile, it's a good time for some miscellaneous images, each one worth hours of contemplation. Seriously. I've done it. It helps if you feel like crap. But know this: the secret of life is hidden in this combination of images and will be revealed to those with eyes to see. Good luck, and stay well.


  1. I like your philosophy. Good eyes.

    1. Good to hear from you. How is your canyon doing? Were you OK during the flooding?

    2. We got hit pretty hard. Main road out is washed out and just got gas turned back on today after two weeks. But all in all we really lucked out and property/cabin is ok!

    3. Glad about the cabin and property, and especially that you and yours are OK. Hang in there.